Storytelling Through Poetry

Posted on 4th July 2020

Storytelling Through Poetry




When you lose grip and slip and trip,
And because of the trip, you burst your lip,
And because of the damage, it hurts to sip,
Are you wrong for blaming the stick?

When it's warm,

But you're always cold,

When you have youth,

         But feel so old,

When there's a child that you can barely hold,
Who do you really blame?

When no one understands,

Why you walk with a smile,
When walking to the bathroom feels like ploughing through a 1000 miles,
When you need to leave the house,

But can't even turn the key,
Is it really a surprise that inside you don't feel free?

When people love you when they see you,
And forget you when they don't,
Overly express out of guilt,
And then become a ghost,
But when your success arrives,
They're the 1st to make a toast,
Using your name as an avenue,
To walk around and boast,
Should you be mad?

Questions arise and questions fall,
The reason I ask is because I don't know it all,
Believers and non-believers,
Everyone's generally the same,
No one really truly cares,
Until your name becomes a name,
But when your name becomes a name,
You then get judged for not acting the same?

(Reflection taken from "The trials of life" by Mr. Bailey released later this year).

Mr. Bailey


This piece is based on questions that can't always be answered. It's a journey of uncertainty, doubt, and confusion. This poem shows you how certain scenarios in life, can take you to a crossroad with many entries and exits. The choice you make whether in your mind or physically, will determine your path, route, success, and peace. It's almost like an internal battle of answering the spirit man or answering the flesh. All roads lead to somewhere but are you prepared mentally, to be in a foreign land? Only you can answer that. I believe this piece can heal the hearts of those, who are open to receive the reality that making mistakes in life is ok.



Pirates & Thieves


Who dares to believe, in pirates and thieves?

Those people who sit and ponder,

Plan, scheme, and wonder,

About how you actually did it,

How you reached your mountain -top,

Questioning why they themselves failed,

Hating that inner voice,

That encouraged them to stop.


Always wishing that they continued,

And by-passed the unbearable pain,

Wishing they had the strength,

To take all the strain,

But whilst dealing with their dissatisfaction,

Sort to tear you apart,

Because second place wasn’t enough,

Foolishly forgetting that your experiences,

Have made you tough!

But that would rarely stop them,

Because their employment,

Has always been, to destroy your enjoyment!


Pirates and thieves,

You know the one’s, who always believe,

In taking, not sharing,

In manipulating, not caring,

In overtaking something, that was never theirs,

And obstructing progression,

Whilst delivering a blank stare!


A withering, frail conscience,

One that’s almost dead,

One that’s struggling, to take its last breath,

No voice just a dark silence in their head,

The kind of person,

That will gladly rob you, of your last penny,

In fact, answer this question, do you know of any?


This piece came to me while I was observing certain situations within my circle of friends. It is based on deceit, lies, and corruption. Something that has always bothered me, is how some people can switch off their conscience and act so horribly towards others. I often watched in amazement and waited for that light bulb moment, when their conscience would scream out "NO!" But it never happened. Many have been robbed, taken advantage of, and left sitting in a pool of tears while thinking of the betrayal that they've experienced. The delivery of this poem was written in such a way that 1. Would help you identify and connect with the subject. 2. Look at your surroundings and become more aware of who you've allowed into your nucleus. And 3. To trigger your conscience and remind you that being this way is completely wrong. Storytelling through poetry provides such powerful healing, and this is why I continue to choose these edgy subjects.



-------Mr Bailey------



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